Hannah Orphanage


Hannas Orphanage is supported by the Aucklands Ethiopian Evangelical Church. Please read the below excerpts from the founder HANNA TESHOME

1 am Hanna Teshome from Ethiopia, 1 am the founder and the director of Hanna Orphans Home, the homes for the orphans and destitute children. 1 know Ruth Ayele (Mame) sincel988.

Since 2005 Ruth was helping me individually, and she told for the Ethiopian Evangelical church in Auckland to help me, they are helping me by sending money, and by visiting the children, especially Dawit and Martin. 1 want to thank all, May God bless You all.

Short story of Hanna Orphans Home

Hanna orphans home is a local nonprofit making humanitarian organization started in 1992 with four years old boy , now 1 have 145 Orphans the age between 4 months 26 Years old, boys and girls.

Legally established in 2004 by the permission of the ministry of justice to bring together and support HIV victim children. These children are poor and completely helpless, who totally need the support of other people. Accord.ina to studies made the Iciller of their parents is HR,' AIDS. All the children came from three different backgrounds and experiences, some directly from their homes, soon after the death of their parents, some from street life and others from Addis Ababa juvenile delinquency rehabilitation center (Prison), small children from criminal mothers who live in the prison.

At the beginning started this blessed and sympathetic work, by sheltering a four year old parentless HIV victim child, using my own resources. Since this time I have been welcoming and treating helpless children as a true mother and guardian.. At the onset of my project work, 1 simply began the operation depending on the Holy provider; gradually 1 contacted some donors to support me and ensure the future progress of my objectives….

…The ultimate realities of the orphanage are to create fruitful and effective citizens, who are competent enough in succeeding at the market competition. But in cases where some children are not able to score good points in their academic results, the orphanage encourages them to participate in the society to make thorough researches, which will enable them to establish their own businesses. To make real these dreams, financial and material supports will be given to the children….

…Hence, Hanna orphans home, likes to work with volunteer individuals and organizations to fight against HIV AIDS and poverty which are the most terrible enemies of mankind. The future of these vulnerable children is at the hand of generous people today, but tomorrow they will be stanch defenders of their country and strong backbones of its social, economic and political system. Despite of all its problems, the orphanage has.achieved many great accomplishments in the past fifteen years. As a result the small children are grown up physically, mentally, emotionally and academically. In their educational achievements, some have joined universities and colleges while unsuccessful children have established their own businesses such as hair dressing, electric shops etc….

• Team Kiwi visits Hannas Orphanage and spends time with some of the children
• We bring from NZ donated goods- especially second hand clothing. This is made possible by the support of Menzies Transport and Emirates.
• In NZ, we have now set up a BOARD OF TRUSTEES. We have been registered with the NZ Charities Commission as the “ Hanna Orphans Trust”. We are currently applying for Donee Status.
• The sole purpose of the Trust is to channel 100% of the funds and goods given to Hanna Orphans Home.
• Current Trustees are: Marty van der Burg, Ruth Manyahele, Dawit Arshak, Elias Balcha, William Conley and Larry Blowers.

For further information and to donate to Hannas Orphans Home please refer to the NZ based website: www.hannaorphanshome.org