We come to you as a firm which has a strong reputation in the market place for our service to our clients (please refer to our testimonials) This reputation has been built on our ability to communicate effectively with architects, engineers and subcontractors. 


You can have total confidence in our ability to produce a quality of work which is above the industries Standard, as shown by our consistency in receiving Local Gold Awards and National Finalist awards for our homes entered into the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competitions. 


We have a strong team focus. We believe a successful project is dependant upon the strength of relationships within the team. I often refer to my "tight five"- Plumber, Electrician, Gibstopper, Painter and Tiler. These sub trades are critical to the outcome of any project and therefore I will only use my "tight five".


As a team of builders we are willing to help others and use our skills and resources to make a difference in peoples lives. More than likely during the construction of your home we will be involved in supporting a Habitat for Humanity project whether that be here or overseas. We believe it is important to give as well as to receive. This is our way of putting back into society.


Underlying all of the above is the foundation of our business which is a Biblical based integrity, from good business practices to keeping our word and to having a clean site; our integrity can be seen everywhere