Team Dutchie 09


In 2009 Marty lead the first team of Dutchies to Ethiopia.

Let me tell you a little bit about our trip. When I was in Ethiopia last October,  I heard about a combined project between the Fistula Hospital in Addis Abeba and Ethiopia Habitat for Humanity.   The Fistula Hospital as you know was started by a Kiwi and his Aussie wife– Dr Catherine Hamlin.  The Hospital was set up by this couple to do obstetric surgery on woman who suffer from obstetric fistulas– which is a child birthing injury resulting from unrelieved and obstructed labour that cuts off blood supply from pelvic tissue, resulting in incontinence.

 The Hospital had been given some land to develop a College to train Midwifes, however on this land are 45 families living in illegal “shanty” housing.  So the Fistula Hospital is rebuilding the village one km away– Habitat designed the homes, and my little team went in and kick started the project! (see photo bottom left)  When we arrived only two foundations had been dug– when we left all 45 were dug ( with a little bit of DUTCH ingenuity!) and 26 of the house structures were up! It was so rewarding to see this small project take off and to know that the people we were working alongside would soon have “a simple decent home”.  Wow!! 

Images from the trip can be seen here.